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4th Grade Student Resources

Please use the links to help you research grade level appropriate topics. Remember to be careful when navigating the internet. Stay on the original linked page.
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Research - START HERE!

Fact Monster Encyclopedia and More
Encyclopedia Britannica
Discus Kids
KidRex - Kid Safe Search Engine
Sweet Search for Kids
Quintura Kids
Internet Search Engines for Kids
Discus Kids
KidPort - Social Studies
KidPort - Science

Trueflix - See Mrs.DuBose or your teacher for LES's Login information.
FACTCite - See Mrs.DuBose or your teacher for LES's Login information.
**Discovery Streaming Link** - Video and Image Resources/Board Builder (see Ms. Brooks for your login).

Iditarod Research

2014 Musher Profiles
Musher Archives -Search the Archives to see how your musher did in the past.
Iditarod Race Across Alaska - from Scholastic
The Powerful Pull of Sled Dogs - from Scholastic


Continent Images from World Atlas.com
More Continent Images Various Colors


European Explorers
Kid Info - Explorers
Explorers - Social Studies for Kids
KidsConnect - Explorers
Explorers - EnchantedLearning
All About Explorers
Biographies of Explorers
Great wiki of explorer links
Explorers - Encyclopedia Britannica

13 Colonies

13 Colonies - Social Studies for Kids
13 Colonies Chart
Mr. Nussbaum's Colonial Profiles
13 Colonies Established - Ency. Brit
Colonies of New England
Middle Colonies
Colonies of the South
The Making of the 50 States
13 Original Colonies
13 Originals
Yahooligans-13 Colonies
13 Colonies-Summary
13 Colonies-Webquest

American Revolution

Super Social Studies for Kids
All About the American Revolution
Patriots and Loyalists
Revolutionary War Soldiers
Revolutionary War Uniforms
Liberty's Kids
Mr. Nussbaum's American Revolution
Kids Konnect American Revolution
Kid Info- American Revolution
American Revolution for Kids


Web Weather for Kids
Weather Watch
Weather Wiz Kids
Weather Encyclopedia
Weather Education


Learning Circuits Interactive Game
Electricity in Our Lives
The Blobz Guide to Electric Circuits


NASA Students K-4
Planet Information - Astronomy for Kids
Kids Astronomy
Visit the Planets


Blue Planet Biomes
PBS Interactive Biomes
Earth Floor Biomes
World Biomes
Biome Animals
Desert Landform
Rainforest Biomes
Rainforest Information
Streams, Rivers, Swamps
Tundra Biomes
Animal Planet

United States Government

Congress for Kids

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