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5th Grade Student Resources

Please use the links to help you research grade level appropriate topics. Remember to be careful when navigating the internet. Stay on the original linked page.
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Start HERE - Research
Fact Monster Encyclopedia and More
Encyclopedia Britannica
Discus Kids
KidRex - Kid Safe Search Engine
Sweet Search for Kids
Quintura Kids
Internet Search Engines for Kids
America's Story from America's Library
KidPort - Social Studies
KidPort - Science

Trueflix - See Mrs. DuBose or your teacher for LES's Login information.
FACTCite - See Mrs. DuBose or your teacher for LES's Login information.
**Discovery Streaming Link** - Video and Image Resources/Board Builder - see Ms. Brooks for your login information.

Iditarod Research

2014 Musher Profiles
Musher Archives -Search the Archives to see how your musher did in the past.

Crossing the Continent Project/Resources

California Gold Rush
PBS - The Gold Rush 1850-1860
The Gold Rush - PBS Experience
Western Folkways - from ushistory.org
The Gold Rush - Social Studies for Kids
A New Nation - Encyclopedia Brittanica - Click on NEW Nation and use arrows to scroll.
Links to Trails West
Gold Rush or Transcontinental Railroad - From Trueflix - see Login poster and click on Westward Expansion Link.
Foreign Miners
Homestead Act - Factmonster
Homestead Act from History for Kids
Life on a Farm - A Homestead At Last - ushistory.org
Frontier Life
Life on the Prairie
Homesteaders Problems - stay on the main page!

The Ways of a Cowboy - ushistory.org
Cowboys - Facts for Now from Scholastic
PBS The Last Cowboys in America - read the mid and late 1800s section!
Farming and Ranching During Westward Movement - Education.com
American West - The Cattle Industry
Cattle Frontiers and Farming
Ranchers, Cowboys and Cattle

California Gold Rush -Trueflix (see password poster if needed)
Pioneer Life in Sacramento: Gold Rush - Americas Library
Forty Niners - Americas Library
Mining During the Westward Movement - Education.com
Going to California - 49ners
Mining Tools
Life of a 49ner - Kidport

Mexicans/African Americans/Exodusters
Exodusters - National Park Services
African American Miners - use arrows at top
Latinos/Spanish - use arrows at the top
African Americans on the Frontier - Scholastic
African American Migration
Mexican Americans - historical overview
Exodusters - African Americans in the 1870s
The Exodusters - PBS

Asian Immigrants
Workers of the Central Pacific Railroad
Early Asian Immigrants - Encyclopedia Brittanica
Gold Fever - Chinese Immigrants - use green arrows at top of article - CA Museum
Asians - Late 1800s - Stay in the Introduction and Discrimination Sections
Chinese Americans in California - SCROLL DOWN to the Immigration and Mining Sections
Chinese in California - American Memory
Chinese - American Contributions to the Transcontinental Railroad
Asian American History

Native Americans
California's Indians - use arrows at top of article
Closing the Frontier - ushistory.org
Native Americans and the Transcontinental Railroad - PBS
Native Americans - notes from Fall Rivers School
American Indians in the 1800s - great site!
Native American Tribes
Native American - Protecting Their Lands

Important Americans

Amazing Americans
US History - Alphabetically
People who Shaped Our World
Bios of Famous African Americans


Ellis Island Images - Library of Congress
Scholastic Interactive Tour - click on Photos Tab

Child Labor in the Early 1900s

National Archives - Photos of Lewis Hines
The History Place - Child Labor Images - Lewis Hines, grouped by job
Child Labor - Look for the links within the materials


U. S. Presidents - Fact Monster
Who Knew - Presidential Trivia
American Presidents - Online Resources
The Presidents - The White House
Amazing Americas - Presidents
Presidents of the US


Enchanted Learning - All About Oceans and Seas
Office of Naval Research - Oceanography
Ocean Animals - Enchanted Learning
Barrier Island - Wikipedia
Exploring Estuaries

Undersea Exploration

Underwater Exploration
The Mariana Trench
USS Arizona Wreckage
Titanic Wreckage
Mariana Trench
M Trench and Deep Sea Diving machines
Deep Sea Machines
Creatures of the Deep Sea

Wetlands - Ecosystems

Environmental Protection Agency - America's Wetlands
Wetlands - What's it like where you live?


Famous Inventors A-Z
Inventors List - Click on View in Text when prompted.
Inventors at Kids Info
Women Inventors
Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Mary Anderson
Frank Sprague/Duryea Brothers - Click on View in Text when prompted.
Bright Ideas Inventions

Westward Expansion

Westward Expansion Links
Westward Movement - Social Studies for Kids
Wagon Train
Oregon Trail
All About the Oregon Trail
Pioneers Thinkquest
Pioneer Games, Toys, Dangers and More
Pioneer supplies and more
Pioneer women
Pioneer Home Life
Frontier women
Pioneer Men
Kid Info - Westward Expansion
Laura Ingall Wilder's Prairie House

US History

US History

Korean War

About the Korean War - Surf Net Kids
Life - The Korean War You Never Knew - Use Captions
Wikipedia - Korean War
Time Travel To the Korean War
Korean War - FM Almanac
Korean War - FM Encyclopedia

Vietnam War

Vietnam War - Fact Monster
Vietnam War

World War I

World War I - Fact Monster
Kids Social Studies
World War I- Kids Konnect
World War I-Kids Discover
Social Studies for Kids

World War II

World War II - FM Almanac
World War II - FM Encyclopedia
WWII Famous People
World War II for Kids/By Kids
PBS.org--The War
Home Front-WWII
PBS.org--Perilous Fight
WW II Posters

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